Benefits of Upgrading to Agency Plan

We offer all our customers the chance to upgrade to the Agency Plan for a limited time. By upgrading, the user gets instant access to exciting features like multiple workspaces, 2 new user roles, and more specific privacy settings.

Here are brief ideas about our new features:


This feature enables users to manage their team and collaborate with other members seamlessly. The Team Plan allows you to create one workspace and add other editors to the workspace. With the new Agency Plan, you can create multiple workspaces to separate different projects or teams to make collaboration effortless.

New User Roles:

The team plan allows you to invite team members and set the user role for the editor. The editors have read and write access to all the content in your workspace.

So, keeping your privacy options in mind, we have created 2 new user roles that come with the Agency Plan:


Setting a user’s role as a contributor allows the user to have limited access to features in your workspace. They can create topic reports, optimize content, upload images, request approvals, or comment only on projects assigned to them.


This user role is ideal for clients. Assigning this user role allows the user to view only the content assigned to them. They upload images or comment only on specific projects to which they are assigned. The user won’t be able to create a topic report or optimize content within your workspace.