Say Goodbye to Hours of Manual Research With Topic Reports

Topic Reports help you quickly analyze your topic and competitors using advanced AI and big data.

Stay Ahead of the Competition With
In-Depth Competitor Analysis

SEOBoost’s Topic Reports examine the top 30 ranked topics related to your keyword, breaking down each competitor into 24 distinct content metrics. From content outlines to keyword frequency and readability level, stay one step ahead of your competition and optimize your content strategy for success.

Check out your competition before writing. Use their strengths and weaknesses to get your content on the first page of Google.

Discover the Winning Formula for Your Content Research

SEOBoost makes understanding your topic super easy. It helps you become the go-to expert and create the absolute best content for your chosen keyword effortlessly.

Study your competitors’ content to gather insights for building your own outline. Our algorithms extract detailed outlines from top-ranking content to guide your content creation.

Unlock the Secrets to Your Readers’ Interests

Don’t waste time guessing what your readers are searching for. With Topic Reports, you can uncover the exact topics and keywords that will resonate with your audience.

SEOBoost acts like your own detective, rounding up questions about your keywords from places like Google, Reddit, and Quora. Then, it organizes them based on what’s most important. The whole idea? To figure out what your readers are really after and make sure your content hits the bullseye.

Identify Topic Gaps and Gain Insights

SEOBoost scans the top 30 competitors for your keyword, finding the key phrases that matter. This helps you see what’s missing in your content and tweak it for better results.

Identifying this topic gap right before you start writing your topic gives you an advantage over your competitors and, hence, helps your content rank high on the SERPs.

Stay ahead of the game and skyrocket your content success with Topic Reports.

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What does the SEOBoost’s Topic Reports feature do?

SEOBoost’s Topic Reports is powered by AI and big data that helps you research and analyze topics for your content strategy in less time. They provide valuable insights into your competitors’ content and reader interests as well.

What kind of information do Topic Reports provide about competitors?

Topic Reports analyze the top 30 ranking competitors for your chosen keyword and provide insights into 24 distinct content metrics including –

  • Competitive analysis of the top 30 competing pages based on Word Count, Readability, Keyword Frequency and Images
  • Top-ranking pages for that topic
  • People Also Ask (PAA) questions
  • Alt text used on top-ranking articles
  • NLP-generated keyword suggestions to include in your article
  • Outbound links used in top-ranking articles

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