Completing a content workflow

Follow these steps to complete the content workflow of a project:

Step 1: Find your content projects in the “Content Planner” module. You can see them from the calendar or click on “Switch to list view” to view the list of projects.

Step 2: Click “View Project” to see your content workflow for the project in a popup.

Step 3: You will find a list of steps to follow to complete the workflow. The list indicates the status of each step of your workflow.

Step 4: A button will activate according to your progress to give you access to the particular action easily. For example, if you have just created the content project, you will find a “Create topic report” button on the first step. Clicking the button will create a topic report using the keyword you provided while creating the project.

The workflow will update with every completed step and provide options to access the next step. You can also view your completed steps simply by clicking on them.